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A DIY Security Cam made from ESP32 and powered directly by AC240V (there’s a charger circuit in it which converts 240VAC to 5VDC for esp32)

This is my DIY Security Cam which is made from an ESP32 connected with a 5V Charger circuit that converts 240V AC into 5V DC for ESP32 to run.

The goal for making this project was to make a cheaper alternative to the existing WIFI Security Camera.

Also, huge thanks to PCBWay for Supporting this project, Check out PCBWay for getting great PCB Service at a relatively less cost.

Material Required
These are the things that I’ve used in this project-
- Custom PCB (which was provided by PCBWay)
- 3D Printed Enclosure
- Charger Circuit (BOM is attached)
- Isolated 5V 1A SMPS Module”

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