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LED Lantern With Joule Thief

This is a small LED lantern to be installed inside the farm storage house.

As the size of the storage house is less than 10 square meters, the brightness of the LED lantern is not necessarily high and strong.

This lantern shall be hanging under the ceiling of the storage house to shine 2 to 3 meters in radius.

As no wall outlet is available inside the storage house, the lantern should be powered with a battery.

But 1.5V batteries (AA or AAA size) are the kind of luxury in the rural area where I live, a cheap and affordable solution is necessary for making the LED lantern.

Although buying a brand new battery is difficult, still I can get many used batteries from neighbors.

Therefore, I made this LED lantern by utilizing the Joule thief circuit.

As I mentioned in other instructable below, the Joule thief is a very useful and interesting circuit.

Overall LED lantern circuit structure is the same as the one shown in the instructable above.

But more white LEDs are used for this new project to support the adequate brightness that is necessary to shine the area inside the storage house.

Let’s look at more details of the LED lantern.”

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