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PC Speaker Amplifier

This is small power (Less than 10Watt) transistor amplifier using LM386 and TIP41/42.

Although output power is not much impressive, still it can well serve as an amplifier for PC speaker and MP3 player.

When living in a packed apartment together, a half output power from this amplifier easily produce complains by my family.

Anyway, it can drive 8ohm and 4ohm speaker with maximum 12V power supply.

I got the original schematics from the website (, Lm386 Audio Amplifier Adding Push-Pull Output Stage).

As the circuit not using dual polarity (+/-) power supply, overall circuit complexity is not much high and compact size (15cm(W) x 10cm(D) x 5cm(H)) of chassis can be used as shown in the picture above.

I had made several amplifiers with original schematics and the one of them shown in the picture above is the final version which applied slight modifications from the original.”

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