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This is Zappette The Robot Clock! Years ago I made Zappo The Robot Clock for my son. Now I needed to make one for my daughter. Zappette is an Arduino microcontroller based, fully functioning alarm clock and MP3 player with many features:
- MP3 volume activated LED “ears” using LED bar graphs
- Animated LED matrix eyes and mouth
- Motion Sensor (PIR) “nose” affects eye animation
- Ultrasonic Distance Sensor affects eye animation
- Photoresistor for controlling LED brightness based on ambient light
- Case LED lights to illuminate the internal boards
- Current Time with ambient light brightness control. Blinks “:” for seconds and displays PM as a dot
- Red LED “Safety” switch to activate alarm
- Two snooze buttons ( when alarm is not active it plays the alarm sound file and displays the alarm time )
- 4 binary switches for picking alarm file. Displayed on 2-digit 7-segment display
- Clock/Alarm time set buttons. “time” must be held down while pressing “hour” or “minute”
- “Sleeps” from 7pm to 7am like we hope Veronica will! Turns off everything but the clock/alarm
- EL Wire antennas for night light
- Knife switch on base to turn on/off EL Wire and force sleep for eyes/mouth
- LED bar graph for MP3 volume
- Play, Stop, Previous and Next buttons for MP3 player. Plays random only
- Two speakers for MP3 playback
- Temperature gauge with sensor in the body to show internal temperature
- 24 inches tall, Cherry wood body with positionable arms”

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