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As you can tell from my list of instructables, each year I try to come up with a new and interesting Electronic Christmas Ornament. They are usually loud, heavy, and something generally too big for the average tree, with that in mind I had the perfect idea. A loud, fast spinning, bright, persistence of vision LED display the size of an ornament. That way you could make it look like any ornament you want. Or put cool images on it. I had the idea, now I just had to make it.


Slip Ring (Digikey or Adafruit)
LED Strip (Digikey or Adafruit)
DC Motor 10:1 Gear Ratio (Pololu)
Magnetic Motor Encoder (Pololu)
Circuit Board (Kicad Files)
Circuit Board BOM (FindChips or GitHub)
Black PLA Material
Rubber Oring Kit (Amazon)
Aluminum (Optional)
M3 and M2 Threaded Insert (McMaster Carr)
M3 x 6mm Screws
Strong Double Sided Tape

3D Printer
Reflow Oven
Soldering Iron
JST Wire Crimp (Optional)”

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