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Automatic Attendance and Classroom Environmental Monitoring

This project simulates a Smart Classroom automatic attendance using RFID module and classroom environmental monitoring using DHT11.

As a teacher, taking attendance traditionally (roll call) is a time-consuming task, if automated the instructor can focus on other teaching activities. In this project RFID reader module and RFID cards will be used to implement an automatic attendance system.

The classes are conducted inside a confined space and is difficult to attend a lecture if the environment is too hot or too cold. To achieve effective learning, the right physical environment inside the classroom should be maintained. The Relative Humidity and Temperature sensor(DHT11) will be used in this project to monitor the temperature and humidity and inform if the values are out of range.

Libraries and Definitions
Before the start of the code, the libraries need to be included in the program. The pin numbers that are physically connected to the Arduino board are defined. The instances of the RFID receiver (mfrc522) and the DHT sensor (dht) that will be used for the data acquisition are created. A variable called student is created, which is a two-dimensional array of strings that stores the student name and the associated RFID tag ID.”

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