Hi Today Instructable is very simple and easy to build Brake Failure Indicator CircuitA Complete Step By Step Video Tutorial is also given in the video below.

Automobiles have been the primary mode of transportation for most of us and we depend on them for our day to day commute. Unfortunately there are lots of mishaps that could occur while driving an automobile and Brake Failures are one such case. Of course accidents cannot be avoided sometimes but they can sure be prevented by taking some preventive measures. In this project we will build a Circuit that can be attached to our Vehicles which will monitor the brake of our vehicle and provide us an audio-visual feedback if the brake fails.
Most economical vehicles depend on wire braking mechanism to apply brakes on the vehicle. This mechanism involves a Brake wire which runs from the brake lever to the braking mechanism set-up of the vehicle. It is this wire that gets pulled when we apply brakes to stop our vehicle. After a long use and tear these wires might get worn out and get cut at one point of time which eventually will cause a brake failure. So we will build a circuit that will monitor the continuity of this wire, the circuit will glow a green colour LED if everything is fine, but is the wire fails the circuit will blink a red colour LED also will beep a buzzer to alert the rider. Let us see how we can build this project…”


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