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This is a Class-D Stereo audio amplifier project that provides 10W stereo output. The amplifier includes Gain control using 2 x Jumpers, Mute function, and shutdown function.

RCA female connectors are provided for the audio source input, screw terminals are provided for an easy interface with speakers and power supply input. The project was built using a TPA3125D2 chip from TI.

The TPA3125D2 is a 10-W (per channel), efficient, Class-D audio power amplifier for driving stereo speakers in a single-ended configuration; or, a mono speaker in a bridge-tied-load configuration. The TPA3125D2 can drive stereo speakers as low as 4 Ω. The efficiency of the TPA3125D2 eliminates the need for an external heat sink when playing music. The gain of the amplifier is controlled by two gain select pins. The gain selections are 20, 26, 32, and 36 dB. The patented start-up and shutdown sequences minimize pop noise in the speakers without additional circuitry.”

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