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Mathematical relations and patterns are found all around us in our daily lives as well as in nature. These patterns can range from simple to complicated and harmonious to chaotic. No matter what type of pattern we encounter, these geometric figures have intrigued so much that and we have developed a fond appreciation of the underlying mathematics behind these. In this project we hope to develop a machine to make beautiful patterns and discover the relation between mathematics and art through patterns. We will also discover how wildly different some figures can be by barely modifying the initial parameters of the system.

Follow on to create your own Arduino Powered Pattern Making Machine and do drop a favorite and follow this page if you enjoyed the project and decide to build your own version. We would love to see your own versions so do post your creations using the “I made it” section.

Here is the list of all the parts and tools required to make your very own Arduino Powered Pattern Making Machine. All parts should be commonly available in local hardware stores or online.

- 2 mm acrylic sheets or Cardboard
- Paper
- Pens
- M4 Nuts and Bolts
- M3 Nuts and Bolts

- Arduino Uno x 1
- CNC Shield x 1
- NEMA17 Stepper Motors x 2

- Laser cutter (optional)
- X-Acto Knife

Excluding the tools the total cost of this project is roughly 20$.”

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