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What, you’re using a 555? I could’ve done that with a microcontroller!

The ATTiny555 is a 555 timer being simulated on an ATTiny85. If you can do a microcontroller project with a 555, why can’t I do a 555 project with a microcontroller?

This abomination of analog and digital circuitry reared its ugly head because I was too lazy to order a 555 off of Amazon. I already had a few ATTiny85s laying around, so why not? Two-day shipping is apparently too slow, so now ol’ Bezos won’t see a dime of my money. Not today.

After six hours of reading the ATTiny85 datasheets and refamiliarizing myself with my past demons, I present to you: the ATTiny555.

It features:
- A lower operating voltage range (1.8-6.0V)
- The same pinout as a 555
- A lackluster analog bandwidth
- And questionable power consumption characteristics!

It’s definitely a lot better than those weird, gross 555 timers everyone’s talking about. Blech.”

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