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3 Phase (3 Wire) EMI Filter – 480VAC

The project presented here is a 3 Phase (3Wire) EMI Power line filter which reduces electromagnetic interference and noise conducting in to and out of equipment power lines. These EMI filters can prevent electromagnetic noise of equipment going into the power line and disturb the proper functions of other devices such as communication devices, digital circuits, and robotics thus noise generated from switched power electronics. This single-stage board is designed and built using a high-quality common mode inductor and AC capacitors. This filter can be used to filter EMI noise in AC power lines 480VAC and can handle currents up to 10A. 3 x fuses are provided for over current and short circuit protection. It is easy to connect inputs and outputs using Barrier’s screw terminals. 6 x 4.2MM mounting holes were provided for easy mounting of the PCB.”

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