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I’m fond of circuit sculptures and often get inspired by others’ to build mine.
This was the case for this one.
I got inspired by this very nice LED cube

I enjoyed the software side too, the various color animation modes, and only did some minor changes in my version:
- I slowed-down the animations (I like slow moving color transitions)
- I added a persistent memory of the current animation mode (stored in EEProm).
- I refactored and cleaned-up the code.

My code, is, of-course, opensource, available on my Github.

What you will need to build this thing:

- an ATTiny 85 (or whatever you want that can drive WS1812 LED).
- 2 diodes (any type, they’re not functionnal anyway).
- a 100nF capacitor (not really needed but that’s a good practice)
- 1mm-thick brass rod
- a few cm of uninsulated copper cable
- an 8 LED Neopixel ring
- an old HDD platter
- an ILS switch (if you choose to use the HDD magnet to switch the lamp on)”

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