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Hello beautiful humans,
I present to you LASERINO, the simple laser leveling tool. It requires no Arduino and is super easy to assemble.
Why did I build it?

>> I’m too cheap to buy one of those fancy ones you see online, and I had a few lasers leftovers from a previous project.
The enclosure has spaces to hold the laser holder, one Li-Ion 18650 battery, a switch, and a TP4056 charging module.
For those that don’t have a 3D printer, you can still build this project using Kapton tape or any electrical tape of your choice.

The shortest part ever
- 2 x Red flat beam lasers
- 1 x TP4056 battery charging module
- 1 x Li-Ion 18650 battery (I got mine from an old rechargeable lamp),
- 1 x Switch
- PLA Filament: Matte Yellow from TinMorry

if no 3D printer, use electrical tape or hot glue; it works well.

- Magnets

- Soldering iron
- Double sided tape
- Wires
- Hot glue gun
- Heatshrink wrap”

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