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Speedlight trigger - NEW

Device is a photo flash trigger that responds to sound, beam interruption, it works as a timer and controller for (drop) valves control.

I have been doing photography of all kinds for many years and I like to experiment.

10 years ago I made a speedlight trigger that responded to sound (with classic parts NE556, LM741…).

This year I decided to make a more advanced variant with an Arduino UNO controller. I decided to make the program, the electronics and the box myself.

My goal was that the device does not have any mechanical control (switch, potentiometer…), that it is powered from a regular mobile phone charger or 5V powerbank and that it can work completely independently (no need for a mobile phone or external controller).

The controller has an input that can receive an electret microphone or a photoresistor (for a photo trap).”

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