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Understanding the orientation and distribution of force exerted by the feet can be extremely useful in preventing injury and assessing and improving performance in a variety of activities. Looking to improve my skiing technique and with a love of all things gadget I designed a smart pressure and angular sensing insole, designed to be worn inside your boots with minimum discomfort thanks to its small, slim design. Data from each individual sensor is fed to a mobile app wirelessly and can be used to monitor weight distribution and position in real-time or collectively at the end of a session. Use this data to know exactly what you’re feet are doing and what adjustments may be necessary to improve things on your next run. Such information may be just as useful to runners and other sports alike.

Some knowledge of electronics and programming of micro-controllers would be useful to complete this project. You will also need to purchase the following items:
- 2 x ESP32 Micro-controller (one for each foot)
- 8 x 10k ohm resistors
- Copper Tape
- Sheet of Velostat conductive sensing material
- Printed insole templates
- 2 x WS2812RGB LED
- 2 x Push Button Switch
- 2 x MU-6050 Accelerometer (For angular measurements)
- 2 x 3D-Printed housing (If required)

Additionally you will need the following if you don’t already own them:
- Solder and soldering Iron
- Scissors
- Glue gun
- Thin guage wire
- Breadboard/Proof board”

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