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The Original Solarfidget

Using an LED-Ring (of 36 rgb leds) and an MPU6050 gyro/accel, this fidget calculates the position of a rotating pendulum that reacts to acceleration and gravity and simulates the effect of gravity on different bodies in our solar system (including Pluto).

- 1x Arduino Nano or Arduino Nano 33
- 1x MPU6050 breakout board
- 1x battery charging breakout board
- 1x 36 addressable LEDs stripe ()
- 1x HS170 380mAh LiPo battery with Molex plug_
_- 1x male Molex plug (
- 1x 3d-printed models of both the fidget and charger parts (

- 1x USB mini cable
- 4x 0.3x4x5 mm compressing spring
- 4x M3 locknut
- 4x M3 nut
- 4x M3x10mm bolt
- 4x M3x4mm bolt
- 8x cylinder magnet d=5mm,h=2mm,
- and a punch of cables one can salvage from old LAN cables or similar.”

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