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M5Stack GPS for hiking

GPS based on M5Stack Faces, with navigation to waypoint, location tracking on SD card and the ability to mark points to be reached later

The idea of a microcontroller based GPS is not new to me.

A time ago while I was in the mountains I started wondering about having a small and cheap GPS helping me find some predefined waypoints. At that time I was just a student and started designing a small GPS with Microchip 18F family, a Nokia 3310 Display and a serial GPS. Not so powerful, but it worked. When I bought the M5Stack, given also its shape, I decided to create a new version of that GPS, this time more powerful and with a better display.

Scope of this GPS is

Show your track, your direction and the distance traveled/remaining
Help you to head to some predefined waypoint
Store your position on SD Card
Every 10 seconds, your position is stored on memory and on disk.By comparing two consecutive positions, the GPS show the direction of the movement and on which direction we should turn to find our waypoint.Additional points can be marked and reloaded afterwards as waypoints, initial place or any relevant point.Waypoints can be grouped, renamed, deleted or moved between groups.”

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