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M5Stack GPS Logger

GPS logger that stores your location into a GPX file with a back end web server to view daily rides, add comments and multi-media files.

I love to ride my motorcycles! When I go out riding, I typically plan my route using ITN Converter and transfer the itinerary file to my TomTom Rider 1 gps. Now while following this planned route, there’s more often than not deviations along the way and the actual ride can vary quite a bit from the planned route.

So the initial thought behind this project was to log the GPS latitude and longitude position information every 10 seconds into a GPX file (the GPS eXchange Format) that I could retrieve later and view the actual ride in ITN Converter (which is also capable of reading these files). Sounds pretty simple, right? At the time when I started the code, I had a basic black M5Stack and I was going to use an A9 Pudding board which is a GSM/GPRS/GPS development module. I would use the module’s GPS functionality for the position logging and the GPRS to post my current location to so that my friends and family could see where I am when I leave on long trips.”

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