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Make Your Own *Really* Cheap Interferometer

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to another instructable by Let’s Innovate.
In this instructable I will guide you to make your very own really cheap interferometer. Emphasis on the “really cheap” part because there are many costly kits out there you can buy but by following this tutorial you will be able to make your very own interferometer that will cost you nothing! And does not even require that much time to setup!
This project was part of my entry to the CAIE Science Project. I hope you find it interesting.
Don’t know what an interferometer is? No problem, just check this out, this will get you really eager about these things:

These are the things I used:

1 green laser pointer
2 small mirrors
1 hardboard
some pieces of wood(optional)
Transparent plastic CD cover.
Double sided Tape”

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