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ACRO Openbuilds Pen Plotter (Arduino With GRBL and Raspberry Pi With Universal G Code Sender)

I have had an interest in building a CNC machine for quite a while but having lived in small flats/apartments there have always been barriers whether it be space, noise or dust! This instructable details my build of a CNC plotter using an OpenBuilds ACRO system frame. I have not covered every single step however I hope it gives an idea of the process, some resources that I found helpful and also what can be achieved! A summary of the CNC tool chain is shown and this instructable will cover:

The ACRO Frame
The Z axis
Arduino and CNC Shield with GRBL
Power: On/Off switches and E-Stop
Limit switches
Headless Raspberry Pi with Universal G Code sender
Connections and calibration
Future improvements
The supplies I used will be documented at the start of each section. As well as these I have used the following equipment and some standard electronics supplies including:

Screwdriver set (flat head and Phillips head)
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutter and strippers
2.45mm crimping set
Single and Multi core wire (various colours)
Soldering iron”

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