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Tiny Reflow Controller with OLED display

Last time we examined how to build a DIY Reflow Oven controller using the Tiny Reflow Oven Controller v1 by Rocket Stream. However, Rocket Stream recently released the Tiny Reflow Controller V2 and for today’s tutorial, we will attempt to build this second version.

The Tiny Reflow controller v1 we discussed in the first article uses a LCD display and mostly SMD components and this kind of controller is required to control the heat process in reflow ovens to ensure the right amount of heat is supplied at all stages of the reflow process.

The Tiny Reflow controller v2 unlike the v1, is based on the Atmega328p Microcontroller. It retains the MAX31856 thermocouple interface used in the v1 but comes with a USB-Serial interface chip to facilitate programming, and an OLED LCD instead of the 20×4 LCD display used on the v1. The OLED display ensures more information like the plot of the reflow curve can be provided as feedback to the users to give us a better understanding of the reflow process and state.”

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