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I started preparing for this project about one month ago, but then I was derailed by YouTube when they announced that they will no longer provide the real subscriber count but the closest rounded number. At the moment, that is not really an issue for me as I have less than 1000 subscribers, but the more subscribers you have, the more it becomes an issue.
However, I was not demotivated and I set to find a solution. Two weeks later, YouTube Sight was born.
YouTube Sight is a service that you can connect to with your YouTube channel account and it will provide you with a URL from which you can extract the full subscriber count and use it in your project.
So far, Ive provided an example sketch for how you can use YouTube Sight, built an Arduino library for it and today with its help, I will create a fully working subscriber counter for my channel. A nice little feature of the counter is that when you press on the button it will show the number of subscribers needed to reach the next milestone.”

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