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This project aims at building an interactive TicTacToe model using two different colored LEDs denoting the two players using a raspberry pi. The idea here was to implement this on a bigger scale in an alleyway - imagine a grid of 3x3 semi-globes (like ones shown above) stuck on the wall where pressing one initiates the game (and a specific colored LED turns on). This can be implemented in alleyways beside bars, pubs or any place where people have to line up and wait - hence making the zone an interactive area where people actually enjoy while they wait.

For the model - I used the items available to me:

- Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ with raspbian installed on the SD card
- Momentary Push Buttons - 9x
- LEDs - 9x Green, 9x Red
- Breadboard
- Wires - Female to Female, regular copper wires that usually come with dev kits — 22 guage insulated copper wire”

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