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This project was made do change the boring LED illuminated wheels on skateboards, e.g. penny board cruisers, that produced in series. Such boards has 3 LEDs in the each wheel that emitting the same light when you riding. I decided to create the custom solution with WiFi controlled LED lights. To achieve this I designed solution with hardware and software parts. Software part is the similar to the previous project that I have used, with lots of advantages, like autonomous (WiFi AP) mode with autoplay loop. There is no need to say a lot about software and copy the same information, it described in details in this instructable created by me. Hardware part is exclusive, so let’s focus on it in details.
Pros and cons for such solution are listed below.

- Doesn’t require to break or change the construction of the skateboard
- Could be mounted/removed to/from the skateboard in less than 5 minutes
- Quite easy to make it, could be done in less than one day, including the 3D printing and PCB cutting
- Fully customisable effects for LED illuminated Wheels with WiFi control and more

- There is no obvious cons in this solution, only water puddles on the road could bring some troubles, but after drying - everything will back to normal.

- 1 x Penny board, better to get with transparent wheels
- 1 x Wemos D1 Mini
- 40 pixels (4 x 10 LEDs pieces) of the high pixel density WS2811 LED stripe, e.g. 144 pixels/m like this one
- 4 x M3x6mm screws
- 4 x M3 locking nuts
- 6 x springs from the broken gas lighters
- 1 x 1mm thick, small piece of the fiberglass PCB board
- 2 x basic wood pencils, HB is fine, but harder is better.
- 2 x flat Lithium battery with at least 2Ah capacity, 18650 also fine, if you have a room on deck where you can mount them
- 2 x voltage regulators, e.g. AMS1117 with 5.0V output, could be purchased here
- copper wires
- 3D printer
- soldering iron with supplies, screw driver, drill, drill bit with 0.5mm in diameter, files and etc”

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