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A Holistic Design Tool for Creating, Communicating and Manufacturing Advanced Human-Scale Forms for Design Pioneers and Producers

Geometer is a new design tool and form language mediating between the physical and digital world. It is made to be understandable, communicable and dynamic. -No black box, encouraging active participation and goal oriented design. -Components open a channel for dialogue around relationships and patterns. -Built-in system that encourages strength and freedom of form without compromise. There are three components to this project: (1) A kit of robust physical and digital components with unique names and specific geometry which can be combined in a modular fashion. (2) A system of communicating the interactions of these components. (3) A way to easily physically manufacture complex assemblies made up of modules, in a variety of materials reliably of considerable size. We hope that this will be an efficient and approachable design to build process for all.”

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