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Here we are going to make a web server in ESP32 with an interactive web page to controls the color and brightness of a 12V RGB LED strip.

Working Theory
A five-meter 12 volt RGB LED strip has been connected to an ESP32 NodeMCU board because the NodeMCU board cannot directly drive the LED strip we have used a NPN transistor(TIP120) to drive the LED strip from the NodeMCU. The transistors are connected to the PWM supported pins of the ESP32 development board each for red, green and blue lines of the LED strip.

In the coding part we have created a web server with a small and light weight web page which will load in the browser when we typed the IP address of our ESP32. The web page contains some buttons to turn on/off each colors and there are also buttons for mixing the red, green, blue colors to make any color combination.”

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