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A DIY cheap one-button internet radio.

Commercial internet radio receivers are still relatively expensive and cost $ 100 and up. So I decided to make a device that is functional, easy to make and manage and inexpensive. On the site “” is given exactly such device that uses cheap MP3 VS1053 codec processor from “” and ESP32 MCU. Optional can be added OLED display to know which station is playing.

The ESP32 is connected on the streaming site at the fixed port and then receive the streaming data in an exact chunk of 32 bytes at a time. On the other hand, the board will keep on processing the data like an inflow/outflow machine and the stream will continue to play. For changing stations is used a GPIO (D13 ) pin as a push-to-on-switch to soft Reset the VS1053 board to tune in to the next station. The entire device is powered through the micro-usb port of the ESP32.”

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