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Ever asked how to control your home light system wirelessly over the Internet from any place in the world?!

Today, we will learn how to control any RGB LED Strip ambient light wirelessly over Wifi using a custom-built Andoird application connected with the awesome Raspberry Pi board through the Firebase database.To build this project we need to deal with some stuff like how to build an android mobile app, how to build a firebase database server, how to connect the raspberry pi and the android app together through firebase, how to take different actions based on the incoming data, some power management, electronics Wiring, …

But yo hold on! Don’t worry we will cover all these topics in detail in today’s tutorial. So, bear with me and I promise it will worth it.

Project Overview/Features
Simply, today we will build a smart device that allows the user to control his/her home ambient lighting system wirelessly over Wifi using any android smartphone, our project is divided into four main parts

Android mobile application.the mobile app is the control panel which the user will interact with to send his/her commands to the lighting system. the global server which acts as a postman who takes mails from one person to deliver it to someone else. Firebase database will receive some data from the mobile app and send it to the raspberry pi to take some actions like changing the LED strip light intensity or light color, and other many stuff.
Electronic and control circuit.the control circuit will be based on the raspberry pi board which running a python script reading the incoming data from the firebase database and according to these data will take some different actions.
Power’s the most crucial part, it’s the part which responsible for providing the device with the necessary power to operate properly without damages.”

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