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Even before Arduino was a thing, the world had microcontrollers only thing was they were pretty less known and best example will be an 8051 Microcontroller which was quite famous and guess what even today for enthusiasts like me it’s still famous! So in this tutorial, I’ll take you back to 1980s and show you how to build a Minimal system for 8051.
So let’s get started
Littel History about 8051
The 8051 series of microcontrollers was developed by Intel in 1980 for embedded systems. They should have been extinct by now, but they are still around and are in fact quite popular. The 8051 has since then been upgraded. The newer variants of the 8051 currently available in the market are more powerful, consume less power and, most importantly, are cheaper.
As a student, you should study the 8051 to get acquainted with basic microcontroller architecture, embedded system designing, prototyping. In the meantime, you should make a few projects and test your code efficiency.Also, note that you dont exactly have to work on the original 8051 made by Intel, you can pick any new variant in the market 89C51, 89C52, 89S51, 89S52 or P89V52RD2.

- 8051 IC
- Soldering Iron
- Helping Hand
- LM7805
- PCB Terminal
- Capacitors
- PCB Headers
- Switches
- Resistors”

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