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In the period of school study, I heard about plasma. The teacher tell that it is the 4th state of matter. Solid, liquid, gas then the next state is plasma. The plasma state is present at sun. Then I believed that the plasma state is not in earth, it is only in the sun.It is an impossible one for humans. But in an exhibition I saw the plasma. It is an unforgettable moment for me. So in that time I remembered that “nothing is impossible”. Then I search much more about plasma and I found that, how it is made. But in that time I am not capable of creating and handle such high voltages for plasma generation. So I stored the project in my mind to do it in later. But now I am capable of creating such high voltages and I know how to safely handle it. So here I explain a simple plasma bulb making procedure from easily available materials.
This is very interesting project. Because by this we can create plasma arc to our finger tips. This is very interesting. This type of experiences decrease the distance between the physics and us. The practical study is the correct method for science, try to learn from experiences. It is very different one from other methods and it make us curious for ever.
Keep your curiosity in you.
Warning: Here use high voltages. It is very dangerous. Do not touch high voltages, It may cause death or serious injury. Keep away from children. Work it in a safe condition.”

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