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An open source, Arduino and Python-based advanced humanoid robot!

Hi everyone, today I’ll be showing how I made the robot MIA-1, which is not only advanced and unique but also open source and can be made without 3D printing! Yes, you got it, this robot is completely hand made. And open source means - you get the codes and every details for free, you too can make this robot if you wish to.

Here we see only her speech, but there’s many more things she can do!

Here are the things she can do:

Can listen and talk back to you
Can see and recognize you using her left eye’s camera
Can detect motion and capture photo
Has a GUI with touch screen LCD to command her
Shows images on her lcd
Download images and shows on her screen
Can target things using a laser pointer on her right hand
Moves hands while talking
Stands on her feet without any help of others
She can also bow (watch the video)
And many more!
To make this robot I’ve used all the things that are available at our local store.

Microcontrollers + Computers (The Brain):

Arduino Mega (for controlling the servo motors)
A full computer (You can use Raspberry Pi, but I’be used my laptop as her brain initially)
Servo Motors:

MIA-1 has 13 degrees of freedom.

LDX227 dual axis servo motors 8x
MG996r / MG996 servo motors 3x
For figers ive used micro servo sg90
Note that I have added a robotic claw and it uses another MG996r servo motor.

And jumper wires and etc


For image processing such as taking photo and detecting faces etc. I’ve used an USB camera.”

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