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The Crius Resistor Tester is a handy little Gadget I made for my projects that help me measure the value of a Resistor.

The logic behind its operation and the code as far as I can understand and I AM NOT PROFESSIONALLY Electronics or Physicist, is Ohm’s Law. If you notice in the circuit below we use a 10kOhm resistor and 1 position for the resistance we want to measure. Knowing the value of one resistor in a circuit with 2 resistors we are looking for the value of the second resistor.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :
- Ohm ‘s Law ( in EnglishOhm’s Law ) connects Voltage , Current and Resistance . There are two Ohm’s laws, the open - circuit Ohm’s law referred to a resistor[1] and the closed-circuit Ohm ‘s law .
- The voltage source , V , drives the electric current , I , through the resistor , R. The three quantities obey Ohm’s law: V = IR .
- Ohm’s Law in the Wikipedia article .

For the project we will need :

- Crius Resistor Tester PCB x1
- Arduino Nano v3 (no headers) x1
- SSD1306 I2C OLED Display 0.96” x1
- 1 Resistors 10kΩ x1
- Red LED 3mm x1
- Green LED 3mm x1
- 4 Pins Female Headers (2.54) x1
- Male Pin Headers (for Arduino Nano) x30”

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