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It’s here: please welcome Arduino IDE 2.0

We’re pleased to announce that as of today Arduino IDE 2.0 has moved to stable and is available for download. Since the launch of the Beta version back in Spring 2021, the feedback received from the active Arduino community has enabled us to focus on what’s meaningful to the widest user-base. It carries a modern editor and provides a better overall user experience thanks to a responsive interface and faster compilation time.

Over and above the core features (we’ll get into those in more details later) the IDE 2.0 benefits from a number of enhancements and additional support. The Serial Monitor and Plotter can be used together, enabling users to have two viewports onto their data output. Before you had to choose between text and graphs, whereas now you can have both.

As well as the refreshed User Interface that provides a more intuitive experience whilst using Arduino IDE 2.0, speed is of the essence. An Arduino-optimized code-completion and code-assist within the language server, help you write code quickly and spot errors as you type. The enormous amount of user feedback allowed us to identify the weakest spots such as code assist and completion, serial output, loading and compilation time.
We made it all better now.

A special mention goes out to Paul Stoffregen who has provided enormous feedback to the IDE development team and been actively developing the initial support for advanced third-party platforms such as Teensy for IDE 2.0 (currently experimental).

If you haven’t already given the new IDE 2.0 a try, here are just a few of the key features… “

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