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I have been thinking of ways to up my filming game but I also want to do so on a budget. After doing some research online and seeing how folks made their own camera sliders, I tried it myself.

This project had many failures to get to a usable slider but with a little patience and scrappiness, I came up with this final product. I hope you enjoy and get some good tips out of my mistakes.

- Metal electrical Conduit (1/2-inch 10 foot)
- Pipe cutter
- Conduit holder
- PVC piping (3/4-inch)
- Epoxy
- Motor, I used an asynchronous motor scrapped from an old microwave
- Camera holder, I used scrap wood
- Stand aka Base, again, I used scrap wood
- Pulley mechanism, I am using twine
- Sand paper
- Felt
- Hot glue, if your felt doesn’t have a sticky backing
- Fasteners, various
- Electrical cord (preferably with a switch), I used a cord scrapped from an oscillating fan
- Something to keep the cord from slipping, I used a milk bottle cap fastened with a screw”

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