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The MagPi 122

Retro gaming with Pico W. From Dizzy to Doom, Raspberry Pi Pico is able to hold its own against far more expensive emulation systems. Retro specialist KG Orphanides digs deep into the emerging world of retro gaming with RP2040.

Build a Mini Magic Mirror. Shrink down a Raspberry Pi smart mirror with Raspberry Pi Zero to fit into smaller spaces. Create a range of intelligent screen projects including alarm clocks, digital information screens and web kiosks.

Make a Pico mood light. Use Pico W and Anvil software to create a colour-changing RGB LED mood lamp that can be controlled from a web interface.

Discover a LEGO Submarine. How Brick Experiment Channel has built a LEGO submarine robot using Raspberry Pi Zero W, a food syringe, and a 27Mhz radio controller.

Add a DJ to your Raspberry Pi Radio. Sean McManus expands on the radio tutorial, adding jingles and a voice DJ to announce tracks.

Detect tracking devices. Discover if any tracking devices have been detected using a Raspberry Pi project called Chasing Your Tail. Perfect for all you secret agents out there.”

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