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Digitized Audio Analog Volume

Maybe this kind of break-out circuit can be utilized for making other complex and more useful devices or equipment.
The potentiometer is a typical analog control device through changing resistance values.
Therefore many audio devices such as amplifiers use it for controlling audio output volume.
When turning the wiper (moving contact above the resistance strip), the output terminals resistance value becomes lower.
For old generations, this analog fashion of device control is quite familiar.
When using a knob having a scale mark (the orange strip in the picture above), we can crudely estimate how much change is made by turning the wiper terminal of the potentiometer.
But sometimes we need to know the exact resistance value to correctly control certain devices or equipment.
Thats why I’d tried to make this breakout circuit to show the exact present resistance level by means of the number on the 7-segment display.
Lets look at more detail of the digitized but still analog potentiometer circuit.”

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