Arduino egg boil timer for lazybones

This Instructable will show you how to make bit different egg boil timer out of an Arduino and some other cheap components. It’s my first on, so be lenient. Everybody knows that egg boiling is science, right.. Throw the eggs in the pot, some water in it and heat will do the rest.. Wrong. I’d like my boiled egg to boiled exactly (+- 10s) eight minutes or so.. An issue regarding boiling eggs is to know how long you have boiled them and to know that you have to know when boiling has started, right ? For helping egg boiling I made an egg boil timer which is capable to measure water temperature and inform me that eggs are boiled and you could start to get up and cool them down.. I could also tell you that I’m an automotive electronics engineer and ISTJ but otherwise mentally healthy :) I have “real” egg boiler/cooker also but life would be too easy if you’ll use everytime something you already have.”


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