Basics - Versatile ATTiny85 Lightning Bug

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been fascinated by my micro-controller hobby. So far, I’ve made what I consider three useful products. The first was a mailbox signal system, and then a toothbrush timer and now a “lightning bug”. All of these are very simple projects and use the ATTiny85 micro-controller. The current project is one that I came up with when I took my wife shopping. I don’t do this often, believe me. Anyway, it was raining, so naturally, being the gentleman that I am, I dropped her off at the door and went to park my car. The rain stopped, and the perennial problem came up. How will she find my car in the big parking lot? Not being gentleman enough to leave the comfort of the car and actually go into the store to get her, I let her figure it out.”


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