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4 Digit MultiPlexed 0.33 Inch 7 Segment Common Anode Display

Archimedean spiral generator

Arduino based mood lamp with IR remote control V

Arduino egg boil timer for lazybones

Basics - Versatile ATTiny85 Lightning Bug

Bluetooth controlled switch (Android)

Build a Hygrometer at Home Using Raspberry Pi and SI7021 V

Digital Clock using one shift register

DIY Tools—Build Your Own Logic Probe

DIY USB 5V Solar Power Bank

Elon Musk unveils plans for Mars civilization

German retailer Media Markt tests home delivery by robot

Glowing LED Mushroom Log Lamp

Home Automation with ESP8266 and Relay Controller

How to make a magnetic force field change detector V

How to make Ladder game using ATtiny13a and mini breadboard V

Industry leaders establish partnership on AI best practices

Introducing PIXEL

Introducing Xavier, the NVIDIA AI Supercomputer for the Future of Autonomous Transportation

IoT LED Cheering Stick V

IoT pH regulator with Arduino and Blynk

Judging a book through its cover

LED Light Timer

Lithium cell capacity tester

Monitoring humidity, temperature in the hen house: DHT11, DS18B20, ESP8266

New Take on an Ancient Method Improves Way to Find Prime Numbers

newelectronics 27 Setembro 2016

NexArdu: Illumination Smart Control

NodeMCU WebServer with SD Card support V

Our Resinified Office Lock V

Panasonic Develops Bendable, Twistable, Flexible Lithium-ion Battery

Plier Stand

Reconfigurable Chaos-based Microchips Offer Possible Solution to Moore’s Law

Reverse engineering a server CPU voltage regulator module

Smartphone Controlled Smartcar

Switcher – A WiFi Open Source Power Switch and Socket Based on ESP8266

The MagPi 50

The microdoctors in our bodies

Wireless temperature and humidity monitor for baby’s room

World’s largest radio telescope will search for dark matter, listen for aliens

555 Super-Regenerative IF HF Spectrum Analyser V

8 Channel Relay Board with onboard 5V regulator

Animated LED Scarf V

Arduino Ping Pong Ball Cannon V

ARM enables autonomous vehicles with its most advanced safety processor

Balancing Robot Using IR Remote (Arduino R3, DC Motor, L298N, MPU6050)

Basic Cell Phone Detector

China’s Tiangong-1 space station ‘out of control’ and will crash to Earth

Double geared hinge

DuoSkin - Rapidly prototyping on-skin user interfaces using skin-friendly materials

ESP8266 Wifi enabled 8×64 pixel LED matrix display

Growing Shelf

How to build a Bluetooth wireless upload Self-balancing Robot

How to make universal battery charger V

How to make your own WIFI Gateway to connect your Arduino to IP Network ? V

How to run C programs on the BeagleBone’s PRU microcontrollers

HTML 5.1 - W3C Proposed Recommendation, 15 September 2016

IDE 1.6.12 released with Sierra support and more

Lightning LED RGB cloud with mechanical switch V

Liquid light switch could enable more powerful electronics

Low noise Mini Electret Microphone PreAmplifier V

macOS Sierra Now Available as a Free Update

Magnet Polarity Detector V

Make a Camera Slider by Makeblock V

Make your own Motorized Camera Slider V

Microchip Debuts New Development Board for Designing with 16-bit and 32-bit PIC® Microcontrollers

Microsoft Develops AI to Help Cancer Doctors Find the Right Treatments

NUT JOB | Nut, Bolt, Washer and Threaded Rod Factory

Pathfinder - Haptic Navigation

Replicating the connection between muscles and nerves

Simple Arduino-based thermometer

Simple Red Laser

Sponge creates steam using ambient sunlight

Stanford-led team reveals nanoscale secrets of rechargeable batteries

Tetris Clone with OLED SSD1306(I2C) for Arduino Nano / Uno V

Toshiba’s development of low-power multi-hop wireless network technology that can operate on battery power for 10 years V

Turing learning: a metric-free approach to inferring behavior and its application to swarms V

Web-based Garage Controller

7 Segment LED Based SPI Display using 74HC595

8 Channel Optically Isolated IO Board

Adding ADC to Microcontrollers without ADC

Arduino Controlled Phone Dock With Lamps V

Arduino Sunflower - an Electronic Sundancer V

Automatic Room Light Controller with Bidirectional Visitor Counter V

Baidu receives approval from California DMV to test self-driving cars

Bidirectional control of 4 DC motors using ATtiny Microcontroller and L293D

CARDBIRD - The cardboard robotic arm V

CO2, Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Customizable propeller / fan

Customizable tray V2

DIY Buck Converter V

DIY | RGB LED Shades Controlled By Arduino V

DIY speedometer and odometer

DIY Synth Series Part 1 — The Exponential VCO V

ESP8266 based NTP Clock

esp8266 Configurable Power Management

European Union pledges free Wi-Fi for all citizens by 2020

Four-channel voltmeter with analog display V

GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Deliver Industry’s Leading-Performance Offering of 7nm FinFET Technology


Hinge Variations

Home Control 2016

Infinite Noise TRNG (True Random Number Generator)

KeyPi - A cheap portable Raspberry Pi 3 Laptop under $80

Magnetic Field Strength Measurement using Arduino

Micro Catapult

Musical Shoes V

Nissan Considering Using AI to Design Cars

Outdoor Thermometer / Hygrometer

Pharos LED Headpiece V

Pixie: An Arduino Based NeoPixel Wristwatch V

Prototyping kit gets your IoT app on Google Cloud Platform, fast

Raspberry Pi AY-3-8910 V

Renesas to Acquire Intersil to Create the World’s Leading Embedded Solution Provider

Solar Panels Gain 30% Additional Power with Maxim’s Cell-String Optimizer

STMicroelectronics Empowers Wireless IoT-Device Developers with New LoRa™ Kit Leveraging STM32 Microcontroller Ecosystem

TI unveils first ultra-low power dual-band wireless MCU in production

Tiny Lisp Computer

ToyRAP 28BYJ-48 Motor Based RepRap V

A Maze’n’Puzzle

A Very Customizable Funnel

Alphabet’s Project Wing Delivery Drones to Be Tested in U.S.

AMD working on 7nm 48 core processor

Another Station Upgrade: Spacewalkers Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins to install new TV cameras

Arduino 433MHz message transmission over 100 meters

Arduino Labyrinth

Arduino Pong With TV Output

Basic Aquatic Shield

Chronio - Low power Arduino based (smart)watch V

Clip pipe fully parametric

Crush Cans Effortlessly with an Arduino-Powered Arm V

DIY Arduino Battery Capacity Tester - V1.0 V

DIY Bike Speedometer

DIY ECG with 1 op-amp V

DIY UV meter With Arduino and a Nokia 5110 Display V

Efficient ‘electricity traffic lights’ made from a single molecule

Gesture Controlled Robot Using Arduino And Bluetooth

GroveWeatherPi - Raspberry Pi Based Weather Station - No Soldering Required

IBM Linux Servers Designed to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Advanced Analytics

Intelligent Braking system prototype by arduino

Intelligent Charger for 9V NiMH Rechargeable Batteries V1 V

LED Matrix Handbag 2.0 – How To V

Let’s Make! 5 More BreadBoard Projects For Beginners V

Make A Simple Bipedal Humanoid Robot (Servo Walking Robot) V

New Tool Predicts Autism Risk Genes

Nine-year-old boy prints a mechanical hand for his teacher

Parametric Spring Contacts Battery Box for AA Cells

Persistence Of Vision

Philae found!

PulseSim - Photoplethysmograph (Heartbeat) Analog Simulator V

Rotary Encoder Display Panel

Saving Water Using LEDs

Segmented Log Lamp V

Smaller and faster data compression with Zstandard

Smart Bed Lighting V

Solar Charger and Adjustable Power Supply

Speed Math Game with Arduino V

Temporary Tattoo Keeps Tabs On Alcohol Intake

Ten millionth Raspberry Pi, and a new Kit

The Maven Box: an Arduino Controller for Software Developers

uWaiPi - Time Driven Automatic Plant Watering System

VHF Frequency Counter with PC Interface

12V NE555 PWM Controller Under $3

1hz to 30khz wave generator using Arduino

7th Gen Intel Core

Android Arduino bluetooth RC car V

ARCade Reactor - RetroPie Gaming and Media System V

Arduino Breathalyzer

Arduino Clap-On Lights - Introduction to Relays V

Arduino Controlled Seed Incubator

Arduped 2

ATX based Lab power supply - 10th year anniversary edition

Baidu open sources its deep learning platform PaddlePaddle

Budget off-grid automatic watering with solar panels

Build a Persistence-of-Vision LED Globe

Building an Audio Amplifier V

Control Your Home Appliances Using Arduino And Relay

Customizable Drill Bit Handles

Designing Ultrasound Tools with Lego-Like Proteins

Docker comes to Raspberry PI

Facebook is giving away the software it uses to understand objects in photos

Fujitsu Semiconductor and Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor License Nantero’s NRAM And Have Begun Developing Breakthrough Memory Products for Multiple Markets

Graphene key to two-dimensional semiconductor with extraordinary properties

Hex Shelf

ICS501 Simple Frequency Multiplier

Intel Quietly Launches Apollo Lake SoC: Goldmont CPU, 6 SKUs, 6 & 10 Watts

Interfacing HD44780 based LCDs with STM32 MCUs

Joule Thief With Ultra Simple Control of Light Output

Linear Motion by Rack and Pinion V

Major next steps for fusion energy based on the spherical tokamak design

Making Your Own Infrared Controller With Arduino V

Mark Zuckerberg is ‘Deeply Disappointed’ SpaceX Blew Up His $95 Million Satellite

Microsoft sheds some light on its mysterious holographic processing unit

New method developed for producing some metals

New microchip demonstrates efficiency and scalable design

Octopus, a “tentacular” shield for Arduino and Fishino V

Pi Zero Peep Hole Camera V

Robotized Trashcan V

Servo control with microchip microcontroller

The 3D Printed Marble Machine #3

The BeagleBone’s I/O pins: inside the software stack that makes them work