Prototyping kit gets your IoT app on Google Cloud Platform, fast

The Internet of Things provides businesses with the opportunity to connect their IT infrastructure beyond the datacenter to an ever-increasing number of sensors and actuators that can convert analog information to digital data, and we believe Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a great landing place for that valuable information. Whether it’s handling event ingest in Google Cloud Pub/Sub, processing the streams of data from multiple devices with Google Cloud Dataflow, storing time-series data in Google Bigtable, or asking questions across IoT and non-IoT data with Google BigQuery, GCP’s data and analytics products can help you manage that IoT data and turn it into something relevant. Just like software, it’s useful to prototype and validate your IoT project quickly. Unfortunately, not all businesses have a bench of electrical engineers and embedded software developers on staff. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Seeed Studio and to bring you the BeagleBone Green Wireless IoT Developer prototyping kit for GCP.”


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