Nissan Considering Using AI to Design Cars

Nissan Motor Co Ltd started to consider designing cars by using artificial intelligence (AI). “We have once used AI to design a car,” said Tetsurou Ueda of Nissan Research Center at a symposium that took place in Tokyo Aug 31, 2016. “Though it is still in the test phase, we feel that there is a possibility of commercialization.” Similarities among cars are extracted by using AI to recognize many images. As a result, it becomes possible to crease “something like a car.” In the experiment, the AI created “crushed” and “folded” cars in many cases, but it also output a car image that had never been seen in the past. For the future, Nissan plans to make improvements to the AI so that it can design specific types of cars such as sport cars, minivans, compact cars, etc. Though the AI does not replace designers at this point, it can stimulate the activities of designers, the company said.”


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