Basic Aquatic Shield

The Basic Aquatic Shield senses the general settings of a small habitat. This can be a fish tank, an indoor greenhouse or a large aquaponics setup. My shield uses some lower-end sensors and outputs the data to an LCD screen. The concept was combined by me after i started to adjust another led-growth-experiment. I was trying to grow some of the easiest aquatic plants in a tropical open water aquarium. The setup was quite complex and potentially dangerous as light levels increased. I searched for a way to monitor all the basics “ the easy way “ After looking around the web i found a plant care concept from seed studios. Tried to duplicate the system, but found some errors in the code. The hardware also made me second ges myself a couple of times. Testing each component gave me a better understanding but i left this system before expensive parts were needed. Going over the components gave me more details and that lead to the B.A.S. It’s made up around a arduino Nano and uses a ‘ old style ‘ nokia LCD. The sensors include a moisture sensor, a humity / temperature sensor and a light sensor. Extra components are used to increase the stability and protect the MCU.”


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