Interfacing HD44780 based LCDs with STM32 MCUs

In this article I will discuss my small library for interfacing hd44780 based alphanumeric LCD module with latest STM32F0 series of 32 bit ARM based MCUs. I have used Keil uVision 5 IDE for compilation of this project. This library depends on new HAL libraries from ST. For those who are familiar with STM32 Std Peripheral library, this HAL lib is newer library equivalent to Std Peripheral library recommended by ST for newer projects. This project is for STM32F051C8 chip which is a member of access line of STM32F0 series. This chip has 48 pins and 64KB flash memory, costs less than US$2! This makes it perfect for all kind of small projects where we used Atmel AVR 8 bit MCUs.”


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