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Bare Metal STM32 Programming and a Quadcopters Awakening

Last year I got the Crazepony Mini quadcopter, and just recently I figured out how to program it. I will show my progress in this post, and it will also serve as a getting started guide for programming STM32 microcontrollers. We will build a minimal working example to blink an LED with only the GNU ARM compiler (gcc) and without any library dependencies.

The Crazepony Mini #
You can get the quadcopter on eBay for around 100 €. It ships with a remote control that wirelessly connects to the drone. Like the drone the remote control has no casing, which I find for the drone looks really good, but unfortunately makes holding the remote control difficult. Both devices have firmware by Crazepony installed for which they published the source on GitHub. They seem to be using the Keil IDE. Although it’s mainly made for educational purpose you can totally fly the quadcopter, and I had fun with it for a while.”

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