Laser power tool.e-dohicky is the electronic version of the dohicky from Russ SADLER. The procedure begins as described by RUSS. It is necessary to begin by choosing an exposure time among 3 proposed by RUSS, 10.25, 20.5 or 41 seconds with patterns supplied by RUSS. It is then enough to push on the button start of the e-dohicky and to start the laser. Russ created 3 patterns for 3 exposure times, 10.25, 20.5 and 41 seconds. You will choose the duration which corresponds to the power of your laser. More the laser is powerful shorter will be the exposure time. Before beginning a measure, it to tell is necessary in e-dohicky which will be the exposure time. It is simply made via the setup screen. The e-doHICky is created with an Arduino pro mini so it’s easy to create your own.”


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