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A common problem when making battery-powered electronic projects is how to have a stable 5V output from a battery that is constantly reduced in voltage.

Additionally, when using lithium batteries, you must make sure that the battery is never discharged beyond a set voltage in order to prevent permanent damage to the battery chemistry.

To solve this, there are a variety of modules like the TP4056 and others that solve part of the puzzle but it’s always up to the project maker to decide how to mount the battery and where to place the control electronics.

When working on the RGB play button, I used a power bank module to protect the battery and also to have a way how to charge it and while at it, I came to the idea that I can actually make a custom PCB that can then be used to solve this problem.

- Power bank PCB
- CB-18650-PC2 battery holder
- Power bank module
- 18650 battery cell
- Soldering station
- Multimeter
- USB Power Meter
- Wire snips
- Resistors kit
- RGB Flash LEDs
- Soldering helping hand”

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