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Toshiba Launches its 3rd Generation SiC MOSFETs that Contribute to the Higher Efficiency of Industrial Equipment

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched new power devices, the “TWxxNxxxC series,” its 3rd generation silicon carbide(SiC) MOSFETs that deliver low on-resistance and significantly reduced switching loss. Ten products, five 1200V and five 650V products, have started shipping today.

The new products reduce on-resistance per unit area (RDS(ON)A) by about 43%, allowing the drain-source on-resistance * gate-drain charge (RDS(ON)*Qgd), an important index that represents the relationship between conduction loss and switching loss, to be lowered by about 80%. This cuts the switching loss by about 20%, and lowers both on-resistance and switching loss. The new products contribute to higher equipment efficiency.

Toshiba will continue to expand its lineup of power devices and to enhance its production facilities, and aims to realize a carbon-free economy by providing high-performance power devices that are easy to use.

- Switching power supplies (servers, data center, communications equipment, etc.)
- EV charging stations
- Photovoltaic inverters
- Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

- Low on-resistance per unit area (RDS(ON)A)
- Low drain-source on-resistance * gate-drain charge (RDS(ON)*Qgd)
- Low diode forward voltage: VDSF = -1.35 V (typ.) @VGS = -5 V”

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