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AHT10 is a high precision, fully calibrated, temperature and humidity sensor chip package, the MEMS production process, to ensure that products with high reliability and excellent long-term stability. The sensor includes a capacitive humidity sensing element and a high performance microprocessor CMOS is connected. The product has excellent quality, fast response, anti strong anti-interference ability, cost performance advantages. AHT10 communication using standard IIC communication, ultra small volume, low power consumption, make it become the best choice of.AHT10 applications even the most demanding applications support a wide range of operating power supply voltage, the device can provide a low cost and low power consumption advantages for all kinds of common scenarios, temperature and humidity sensor are in constant temperature and humidity chamber of high precision calibration, direct output after temperature compensation for humidity, temperature and other information, users do not need to carry on the temperature compensation for humidity, temperature and humidity information can be obtained accurately.

Project  MacTEMPtosh


“So this is the Mini MacTEMPtosh, a portable Temperature and Humidity meter that displays the current Temp and Humidity level by an onboard AHT10 Sensor. Its Body is made to look like the old MACINTOSH 128K Desktop PC so that …


“Minimalist ESP-8266 temperature/humidity sensor/programmer. This is a Kicad design which uses a PCB USB connector and integrates an ESP-12 (or 07), CH330N USB controller, a small voltage regulator (HT7233), and a AHT-10 temperature/humidity sensor …