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This project is centered around the creation of devices aimed at being used in the study of the effects of Alzheimer’s Light Therapy on humans. In December 2016, after publishing my first Instructable, Mr. Sotiris Melissis (graduate student at NYU) contacted me regarding a newly published article on a new Alzheimer’s treatment method by MIT (, he suggested that I build a device to aid in the testing of this therapy on humans. I agreed to create glasses with an LED that can cycle at 40Hz to help administer the light therapy to people as they walk, so that they do not have to stand in a test room to receive the therapy. Later a standalone room lamp that is capable of administering the therapy was also created and a remote with an OLED screen was also added to help the user control the two devices. In addition to the two devices being controllable via the remote, they can also be controlled through a phone or computer with wireless capabilities. The project uses ESP8266 12-E modules to achieve the wireless communication between the 3 core devices and since communication is achieved via Wi-Fi access points, they can also be connected to with a normal computer. Below are the three devices (glasses, standalone light, and remote)”

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