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More than just a pretty (OLED) face - this multisensor (temp, humidity, motion, etc) has MQTT data for your home automation system, as well!

This project is my homemade/DIY temperature/humidity multi-sensor, based on the NodeMCU ESP8266, and a DHT22 sensor. It uses a custom-made breakout board for the NodeMCU/DHT I designed in Eagle (available at PCBWay: The breakout board allows me to easily connect things like an OLED screen (for local display), motion sensors or WS2812 RGB LED strings (for LED strip control). The NodeMCU itself runs code I wrote to get the temp/humidty/motion inputs, and publish them via MQTT to my openHAB home automation system. This multi-sensor is really a platform for multiple home automation data gathering tools, and I intend to extend its functionality as time goes on.

This enclosure was designed in Fusion 360 to make the whole setup look more pleasing to the (wife’s) eye, rather than having random PCBs out around the house.”

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